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How to Watch a ZOOM Talk

Interested in attending a Zoom talk but not sure how to go about it? Here’s a guide which should tell you everything you need to know:

What type of computer do I need?

Pretty much any type of computer device is suitable; a desk-type personal computer, (PC) or a laptop, a tablet or smartphone. If it has a screen and audio function - it should be fine.


How do I watch the talk? Is there a fee?

To watch the talk, visit our website, or click on this link: Zoom Events

Yes, there is an access charge of £2.50 which is paid online via PayPal.

There is no booking fee. You do not need a PayPal account. Just click on


on the PayPal payment screen. You will be asked to provide an email

address which will be used to send your payment/booking confirmation,

along with an ‘invitation’ to the talk. The Zoom facility works by counting

the number of email ‘invitations’ it sends - it does not know the actual

number of people viewing, so if you are watching as a group/household,

please consider adding a voluntary donation to the £2.50 fee. If watching

as a group, please only use one device to view the talk, otherwise the

system may crash if too many devices are tuning in! You don’t have to

be a member of BHHS to watch the talk - all are welcome.


I’ve just paid for the Zoom talk - what happens next?

You will be sent an email confirmation of your booking. The day before the event you will receive a reminder email which will include a Zoom link, giving you ‘admission’ to the event. Click on the link 'Join Zoom Meeting' from 7:15pm on the night to gain admission to the talk. When you’ve clicked, you’ll be held in a ‘Waiting Room’ for a short period before the talk commences. Once you’ve been admitted to the talk, you don’t have to stay by your computer, anxiously waiting! Just leave your computer on, then go and make a cuppa and come back in time for the start.


What’s the timetable for a Zoom talk?

The same format as our conventional meetings in the Cyprus Hall; ‘doors open’ at 7:15pm; talk commences at 7:45pm. There will be a first half of approximately 30 - 40 minutes. We will then pause for a short (tea ‘n’ wee!) break, then the speaker will continue with the second half of their presentation. The meeting will conclude at approximately 9:15pm - 9:30pm. There will be an opportunity for Questions and Answers after the talk.


What will I see and hear with an online talk?

Sit in front of your computer device and imagine you are sitting in the Cyprus Hall, ready to enjoy a talk. Think of your computer screen as the projection wall. A small ‘thumbnail’ picture will appear on your screen, (usually at the top right-hand side) showing a head and shoulders image of the speaker (this is a live video image - not a static photograph.) You will see the speaker’s face and hear their voice throughout. The main part of your screen will then show the images as the speaker goes through their presentation.


Who attends a Zoom meeting - How does it work?


The host: The meeting will be ‘hosted’, (usually by Tim or Flo.)

The host’s role is mostly a silent one; monitoring the event to ensure there are no technical hiccups and facilitating a Question and Answer session at the end of the talk.


You, the ‘audience’: You’ll be able to see and hear the speaker throughout, but you cannot talk to him/her directly. You cannot talk to the host, but you can send the host an email at any time during the event, (see Q&A’s below.)


The speaker: Cannot see or hear the audience at all. He/she can only see and hear the host. The speaker and host remain in direct contact throughout the event.


You mentioned a Question & Answer session. How do I ask a question?

At the bottom of the Zoom screen, you’ll see a white button labelled ‘Chat’. Click on the [chat] button and a message screen will open, allowing you to send a comment direct to the host. In order to save time, keep your question short and simple; “I’d like to know more about …” The chat function will remain active throughout the duration of the event, including the half time break. The host will monitor the mailbox, looking for any questions submitted. At the end of the talk, the host will read out the questions so that everyone can hear, then the speaker will reply directly to the audience.


This all sounds very interesting, but what about BHHS members who don’t use computers - it doesn’t seem very fair?

We fully appreciate that online talks disenfranchise members who do not use computers but the majority of our membership now do. This is one reason for making a (modest!) additional charge to view Zoom lectures - if subscriptions were increased to cover the cost of online talks, non-computer using members would be paying for a facility they couldn’t access. Also, taking a long-term view; as lockdown rules are relaxed, a non-computer using member may potentially visit a computer-using member to watch an online presentation - they could benefit from the online facility then, even though they don’t themselves use a computer.


Will online talks replace our traditional meetings?

Absolutely not. Please be assured that online presentations are not intended to replace our usual talks in the Cyprus Hall, which will be reinstated when we feel confident that we can comply with Covid regulations. However, online talks may have the potential to enhance our existing programme; firstly by providing you with entertainment during these difficult times, and, looking further ahead, perhaps allowing us to attract some excellent speakers who have thus far been out of our geographical reach; (it’s uneconomic for us to book speakers that have to travel long distances as their travelling expenses would be prohibitive.)


Help! I’d like to watch but have limited IT skills!

This is new and daunting technology for many of us, so technical support is at hand. If you have any queries, please contact us. We can provide IT assistance, including rehearsal-style ‘run-throughs’ before the event. Our Zoom talks will also be recorded live, allowing us to offer a 14 Day Catch-Up facility, so don’t worry if you have an IT malfunction during the talk or the timing of the live event is inconvenient - you can watch it later at a time to suit you. The day after the live stream you will receive an email with a link, allowing you to re-watch as many times as you wish at no additional charge. For copyright reasons, the link will expire after 14 days.


For all technical queries, contact Tim Kendell:

Home: 01444 245509  Mobile: 07907 159441


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